Madonna, at the registry Louise Veronica Ciccone, was born in Bay City (USA) on August 16, 1958. Father Silvio, a practicing Catholic, is of Abruzzese origin. Her mother, Madonna Louise Fortin (1933-1963), is of Franco-Canadian descent; she was orphaned at the age of 5 and grew up in Michigan with her three sisters and four brothers: Paula, Melanie, Jennifer, Christopher, Mario, Martin and Anthony; according to legend, at the age of 17 she moved to New York with only $35 in her pocket and a pair of dancing shoes. She attends the underground clubs Danceteria and Paradise Garage.Pratica yoga, is devoted to Jewish kabbalah and collects works of art by Tamara de Lempicka, Fernand Leger and Pablo Picasso.the lgbt community worldwide recognizes her as the greatest gay icon of pop and in 2013 she gave a speech against homophobia and violence against women at the GLAAD Awards.Very attached to her Italian origins, Madonna wanted to celebrate, in 2017, her 59th birthday in Puglia dancing the pinch surrounded by her children. Sexy and cheeky, Madonna has never denied herself to the pink news machine. The first known relationship is with the painter Jean Michel Basquiat (1980), followed by the tormented marriage with Sean Penn (1985-1989), then the relationship with the scion John John Kennedy, opposed by his mother Jackie, the flirtation with the Hollywood star Warren Beatty (1991), and the lesbian story with Ingrid Casares, daughter of a rich family of Cuban exiles.Cuban personal trainer Carlos Leon is also the mother of the eldest daughter Lourdes Maria (1996), while Rocco John (2000), who decided to live in London with his father after the divorce of his parents, was born from his marriage with British director Guy Ritchie (2000-2008), and in 2017 she was pinched in the company of the Ivorian model Aboubakar Soumahoro, 25 years younger. It seems that the two met at a party in 2015.Madonna has, in addition to the two natural children, also four adopted children from Malawi: David Banda (2005), Mercy James (2006) and the twins Esther and Stella (2002).Madonna has sold over 300 million copies of albums and singles.she began her career as a dancer then debuted as a singer with the first single Everybody (1982), followed by the first album Madonna (1983) and Like a Virgin (1984) dragged by the eponymous single and Material girl.In 1985 he starred with Susanna Arquette of Wanted Susan desperately launching one of his greatest hits ever: Into the groove Follow True Blue, Papa don’t preach, La isla bonita, Live to tell The religious-inspired video clip of the song Like a Prayer (1989) is considered by many Christian associations blasphemous The nineties start with the success of Vogue, followed by the photo book Sex and the album Erotica. Other hits of those years: Take a bow and Something to remember.the decade ends with the album that critics consider his best: Ray of light, produced by William Orbit, dragged by the single Frozen.2000 saw the release of Music (2000), American Life (2003) with great success of their namesake singles.Madonna is also the protagonist of a spicy performance at MTV Music Awars where he kisses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in his mouth.With Hung up (2005) she reinvents herself as a diva of dance music and in 2008 she uses illustrious names of rap for the singles 4 minutes in duet with Justin Timberlake and Give it 2 me, produced respectively by Timbalad and Pharrel Williams.Ultimi album MDNA (2012) and Rebel Heart (2015).Madonna and the cinema.Madonna as an actress and director is often cut short when she doesn’t mock with the Razzie Award for worst actress.after acting very young in the movie Wanted Susan desperately, in 1986 she is in the cast of Shanghai surprise, directed by her then husband Sean Penn. The comedy Who’s that girl (1987) is a box office flop but Madonna redeems herself with the amazing sales of the film’s soundtrack, which includes the song of the same name Who’s that girl.A side by side with Warren Beatty, starring in Dick Tracey and Tom Hanks shooting Winning Girls. Madonna redeemed herself with the role of Evita (1996) in the musical of the same name directed by Alan Parker, with whom she won a Golden Globe for best actress, and her husband and director Guy Ritchie chose her in 2002 to play the role that Mariangela Melato played in the film Overrun by Destiny, moving to the other side of the camera, directing the film W.E. – Edward and Wallis.


Like a Prayer (1989) 

Erotica (1992) 

Bedtime Stories (1994) 

Ray of Light (1998) 

Music (2000) 

American Life (2003) 

Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005) 

Hard Candy (2008) 

MDNA (2012) 

Rebel Heart (2015)