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Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in the city of Gary, Indiana (USA). A family member who was certainly not well-off, Michael has been interested in music since childhood, like all the other members (his mother sang frequently, his father played the guitar in a small R&B band), while his older brothers accompanied him playing and singing.Joseph Jackson, the father-owner of the family, sensing the talent of his children, decided to form a group: never intuition proved more appropriate. the newborns “Jackson Five”, helped by the extremely rhythmic and engaging music, led by the wild Michael quickly move from small local shows to a contract with the legendary label “Motown”. They released something like fifteen albums (four of which starred Michael Jackson as a solo singer) in just seven years, climbing the charts and supporting crowded tours. Michael also recorded some solo albums with Motown, but in 1975, due to his limited artistic freedom, the group decided not to renew the contract and choose a new label. All, except Jermaine, who decides to continue recording albums for the same label. signed an agreement with Epic, the “Jackson Five” simply become the “Jacksons” (the brand and name of the group were registered by Motown), although by now the success seems to have abandoned them.Michael decides to pursue a solo career and in 1978, participates as an actor in the film “The Wiz”, with Diana Ross, which also recorded the soundtrack (participating in four songs, including “You Can’t Win” and “Easy on down on the road”), during the recording of the soundtrack of the film knows the legendary Quincy Jones. In 1979 he decided to collaborate with his friend Quincy Jones, a well-known R&B all-rounder, who recorded his first solo album for Epic Records/CBS, “Off the Wall” (with Motown he had already recorded four solo albums), which obscured the decline of the Jacksons, reaching the top of the charts in America and around the world. The road to the next exploit, the one that will make him enter history as the author of the best-selling album ever, is marked. After reuniting with his brothers for another album and tour, Michael Jackson released his second solo album, “Thriller”, in 1982 and it will take at least a decade to get rid of the dance orgy that the album “Thriller” produced. The album remains at the top of the charts for 37 weeks and to date has sold over 40 million copies. Famous has also become the innovative launch video of the eponymous single “Thriller”, a fifteen-minute video clip directed by film director John Landis.despite his new superstar status, Jackson once again performs with his brothers in 1984 (Victory Tour), an event that pushes some of the other family members to a solo career (such as sisters Janet Jackson and La Toya Jackson).Meanwhile, the increasingly paranoid Michael buys a huge ranch in California, renamed “Neverland”, equipping it with a playground and inviting younger and younger boys to visit and stay with him. his propensity for plastic surgery and sometimes bizarre behaviors (such as wearing medical masks in public) make him a welcome target for tabloids around the world. In 1985 he bought ATV Publishing, which owns the rights to many of the Beatles’ songs (as well as material by Elvis Presley, Little Richard and others), a move that seems to have ruined his relationship with Paul McCartney.In the same year Michael is promoter, together with Lionel Richie, of the project “We are the world”, a single whose proceeds are destined to African children; the greatest US stars of the song participate in the performance: the success is planetary.1987 saw the release of the highly anticipated album Bad which, although it easily reached the top of the international charts (selling 28 million copies in a short time), failed in its attempt to achieve the success of “Thriller”, followed by another world tour but its concerts were criticized for the use of playback, in 1991 “Dangerous” was another success, despite the competition with “Nirvana’s Nevermind”, which marked the separation from pop to “grunge” for the MTV Generation.Jackson’s love for children is well known, but his continuous, too much attention generates suspicion, regularly corroborated, in 1993, by the complaint of a child “friend” of the singer, who accuses him of harassment. In an attempt to establish his “normality”, on 26 May 1994 he married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the great Elvis. Unfortunately, the marriage shipwrecked only two years later, even if Jackson quickly made up for it by marrying his nurse who, among other things, gave birth to Michael Jackson’s first son in February 1997. The album is double and consists of a record of “greatest hits” and one of new material, including the single “Scream” (in duet with his sister Janet) and the song “They don’t care about us” which becomes the subject of controversy for the lyrics considered by some anti-Semitic and then later modified. The release is supported by another tour. The multimedia blitz was climbed for the next and most recent album of 1997, “Blood on the dance floor”. Michael Jackson was included in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of fame in March 2001. In the same year a mega concert is organized at NYC ‘s Madison Square Garden to celebrate his 30 years of career. in addition to the tributes in his honor by Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, ‘N Sync and Liza Minnelli (his dearest friend), the concert sees the participation of Jacksons, together on stage after almost 20 years. The show, already sold-out, is broadcast by CBS and beats all previous listening records with over 25,000,000 viewers. immediately after the second concert the city of New York is upset by the tragedy of the Twin Towers. Michael decides to react to this blow by writing a song dedicated to the victims of that tragedy. He gathered around him 40 stars (Celin Dion, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, Santana) and recorded the song “What More Can I Give?” (accompanied by a Spanish-language version entitled “Todo para ti”, which saw the participation of Laura Pausini among others) On October 25, 2001 Michael and his best friends gathered in Whashington for a benefit concert during which the song All-Star is officially presented for the victims of the Twin Towers.In October 2001 “Invincible” was released, containing the single “You rock my world” accompanied by a clip that, in the tradition of Jackson, sees the cameo appearance of Marlon Brando and other songs that see the appearance of great music stars such as Carlos Santana in the song “Whatever happens”.In November 2003, the collection of hits “Number ones” came out, but also the news that Michael Jackson was to be arrested on multiple charges of harassment of children, with the possibility of paying a deposit of three million dollars. the trial ended on June 14, 2005, after the jury of the court of Santa Maria found him not guilty, for all ten counts that saw him charged.After the closure of the Neverland ranch, after alleged health problems, with many debts to evade and after a long time away from the scene, in March 2009 he returned to public organizing a press conference in London to present his new world tour that should have started in July from the British capital. But the tour would never begin: Michael Jackson suddenly dies of a heart attack, in his home in Los Angeles on June 25th, at the age of 51.


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