Tina Turner

Annie Mae Bullock; Brownsville, 1938. American singer. She began her artistic career with her husband Ike Turner, forming a famous soul duo (River deep, mountain high, 1966; Proud Mary, 1970). After her separation in 1978, Tina continued her solo career, reaping brilliant successes thanks to the power and quality of her voice. Discs like Let’s stay together (1983), Private dancer (1984), Break every rule (1986), Foreign affair (1989), Wildest dreams (1996) and Soul kiss (1998), among others, would deserve numerous Grammy awards; a fair recognition to the work of this tireless queen of rock. Annie Bullock was already known by the stage name of Little Ann before marrying Ike Turner, at that time a figure of black music in the city of St. Louis. In the late 50’s they formed the duo Ike and Tina Turner, which from 1959 to 1973 would develop a successful artistic career. Already in 1959 they released their first songs, but until 1961 none of their songs managed to enter national charts. That year, three of their songs reached the top 100 and the critics praised them as the group with the greatest potential of the moment. The performances showed Ike as a magnificent connoisseur of the tastes of the public who had been able to evolve from the blues of his early days and adapt perfectly to the R&B demanded by the new. For her part, Tina Turner’s sexy image, the quality of her voice and her absolute dedication on stage complemented Ike in perfect symbiosis; she was one of the best duos of the sixties. In 1966 the theme River deep, mountain high, produced by Phil Spector, gave them a wide international projection. The following singles remained in the line of the couple and the tours followed without much interruption. On a personal level, however, the Turner duo didn’t work as well, and would end up splitting up. Ike Turner was arrested several times, accused of possession of narcotics, and the concerts resented his lack of concentration and poor form. In the mid-seventies, Tina made the decision to separate herself personally and professionally from her husband and start her own artistic career.everything seemed to indicate that it was Ike Turner who was in the best position to overcome the professional pothole, but the facts would be in charge of denying it. In 1975 Tina participated in Tommy, the Who’s film, and recorded the album Acid Queen, with little commercial fortune. So did her next job, Rough (1979). Apparently condemned to the oldies circuit, her career began to revitalize when she was invited in 1982 to put her voice in a version of Ball of Confusion by B.E.F., which would also produce a version of Al Green’s Let´s stay together (1983).But the important event of 1982 was the success of the Let’s dance album: produced with the support of David Bowie, it meant Tina’s return to superstar status. Her place in the forefront of international music was definitively consolidated with the overwhelming triumph of her album Private Dancer (1984), of which more than ten million copies had been sold in the early nineties. His fame would continue to grow after playing a role in the Mad Max II film. His next hit was Break Every Rule (1986), an album featuring guests of the stature of Phil Collins and Steve Winwood, which was followed by a 14-month tour around the world. In 1988 Live in Europe was released, with important collaborators such as Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Bryan Adams and bluesman Robert Cray. In 1989, he once again hit the half-world charts with the elepé Foreign affair, which contained singles such as The Best or I don´t wanna lose You, and entered the nineties with new millionaire sales.Simply the best – Compilation was published in 1991 and What´s love got to do with it in 1993; in them she maintained the musical line and image that have always characterized her. Despite rumours about her possible retirement, international tours followed one another, and in 1995 she interpreted the central theme of the film Golden Eye, a new installment of the James Bond saga. At the beginning of April 1996, the album Wildest dreams (recorded in the United Kingdom under the production of Trevor Horn) was released, a preview of his British tour.In her sixties and still in top form, Tina Turner announced her retirement in the summer of 2000 from her residence in Zurich (Switzerland). Before the final farewell, she made a long farewell tour to the United States and several European countries: a total of 95 performances in which the electrifying singer from Tennessee demonstrated her inexhaustible ability to excite the public.


Tina Turns the Country On! (1974) 

Acid Queen (1975) 

Rough (1978) 

Love Explosion (1979) 

Private Dancer (1984) 

Break Every Rule (1986) 

Foreign Affair (1989) 

What’s Love Got to Do With It (1993, soundtrack) 

Wildest Dreams (1996) 

Twenty Four Seven (1999)