Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert, second name Mitchel, was born in Indianapolis on 29 January 1982. His fame as a singer-songwriter has grown exponentially in the United States, until the turning point on the stage of Queen! He is, in fact, the singer chosen by the band’s historical members to support the historic group during a world tour in 2012. In fact, however, Adam Lambert has become a face known to the public for his second place at American Idol 8! The result was a record deal that led him to his first album and an unstoppable rise to success. Adam Lambert made no secret of his homosexuality. His private life is studded with torments and failures, as he himself pointed out to the microphones of the American magazine Flaunt. It’s not clear if he has a boyfriend by his side, but it’s certain that behind him there are two important relationships. One is with Oscar-winning Sam Smith, who stars in the musical success Stay with me, which ended shortly after its inception. The second love story, the most important for Lambert, was with Sauli Koskinen. A relationship wrecked in 2013, and it’s since then that the singer seems not to have been seriously tied to anyone… Adam Lambert in 6 curiosities – His first solo album, For Your Entertainment, debuted in third place on the Billboard 200, with a record of 198,000 copies sold in just one week of release! -Adam Lambert was the first homosexual singer to make his debut in first place on the Billboard USA chart in 2012! -His role as Queen’s voice after Freddie Mercury has led him to be the subject of much criticism. As revealed by the Mirror, thousands of fans of the band have bitterly attacked the artist in the wake of a suspicion: wanting to replace the late frontman. -He starred in a cameo in the film Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic that made actor Rami Malek one of the undisputed stars of 2018/2019. -On February 24, 2019, on the occasion of Oscar Night, his performance with Queen at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. -On Instagram over a million followers and a profile of a real web star, with breathtaking shots of his performances!


  • For Your Entertainment (2009)
  • Trespassing (2012)
  • The Original High (2015)

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