Albano was born on May 20, 1943, in Cellino San Marco, in the province of Brindisi, the talented singer Albano Carrisi discovered the great vocation for music since he was a child. He inherited from his mother Iolanda an extraordinary voice, both in timbre and intensity. At a very young age, he already plays the guitar and spends most of his time in his father’s countryside, playing in the shade of the trees. When he was only 16 years old, he left for Milan, following in the footsteps of Domenico Modugno, at the time an authentic model for those who dreamed of a career in the world of music. Albano thus began to face the first difficulties of life, a period that he would remember as “the University of Life” at a mature age. Responding to an announcement of the “Clan Celentano”, the record company founded by Claudia Mori and Adriano Celentano, who was looking for new voices, Albano Carrisi is immediately hired: so he takes his first steps in the world of Italian light music. As usual among the artists, Albano also chooses his stage name: he simply becomes Al Bano. Endowed with an unmistakable voice, wide extension, and perfect intonation, Al Bano soon becomes a favorite of the public. After a little more than two years, he signed his first important contract with the EMI label. It’s 1967 when he records the 45 rpm of the song “Nel sole”, one of his most beautiful songs and still very popular with his fans today. The record success is overflowing: there are one million and three hundred thousand copies sold. In the same year, AlBano took part in the Italian tour of the Rolling Stones. In the wake of the great success, he wrote other great songs (“Io di Notte”, “Pensando a te”, “Acqua di mare”, “Mezzanotte d’amore”). Some of these are taken films of great success. These are the years when cinema follows the music, and it’s not uncommon to find films built around the success of a song. During the filming of “Nel Sole”, Albano meets Romina Power, daughter of the actor Tyron Power, who he marries on July 26, 1970, and from whom he will have four children. Al Bano’s albums also conquer the first places in the charts beyond the Alps: Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and South America. The live activity is also intense and very successful: Al Bano flies from Japan to Russia, from the United States to Latin America. Often the artist’s musical journeys are collected in musical documentaries, directed by Al Bano himself, then broadcast by RAI. Al Bano’s passion for the camera can also be seen in some videos, including “Nel Cuore del padre”, a homage to his father Carmelo Carrisi. Al Bano’s success is celebrated all over the world: among the most significant awards, there are 26 gold records and 8 platinum records. In 1980 he won the “Kawakami Award” in Tokyo (at the Yamaha Pop Festival). In 1982 he received a “Golden Europe” in Germany, an award that goes to the artist who sold the most records. Also in 1982, AlBano sets an absolute record in Italy, appearing in the hit parade with four songs at the same time. In 1984 he won the Sanremo Festival with the song. “In 1991 the couple celebrated 25 years of their artistic career with an anthology that includes 14 of the most popular songs of their vast repertoire. In 1995 the album “Emozionale” was released in Italy, to realize the album Al Bano collaborated with the famous guitarist Paco De Lucia and the great soprano Montserrat Caballé. In the second half of the 90s, a new artistic phase opened for Al Bano Carrisi, who returned as a soloist at the 46th Sanremo Festival, obtaining great acclaim with the song “E’ la mia vita”. Without ever neglecting light music, the desire to try his hand at opera, a natural temptation for an artist with such extraordinary singing skills, becomes stronger and stronger. So Al Bano performs in Bad Ischl (Salzburg, Austria) with the great tenors’ excellence” Placido Domingo and José Carreras showing great quality. After the tragedy of having lost their first-born daughter Ylenia, whose circumstances, many years later, are still shrouded in mystery, Al Bano and Romina enter a crisis that will lead to their separation in March 1999; “Nobody can imagine how happy we have been for 26 years”, Albano declared, “Then in 2001 Albano meets a new partner, Loredana Lecciso, who will give him two children. Another great personal success for Albano Carrisi was the recognition of becoming UN ambassador against drugs. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, gave him a prestigious position. Finally, Al Bano was also appointed FAO Ambassador. In addition to music and the Al Bano family also shares his commitments with his winery and his holiday village (a hotel immersed in the Salento countryside), activities that the artist cares for and follows with great passion.


1967 – Al Bano 
1968 – Il ragazzo che sorride 
1969 – Pensando a te 
1970 – A cavallo di due stili 
1972 –  1972
1974 – Antologia 2 LP 
1979 – Ricordi… Nel sole
1997 – Verso il sole 
1997 – Concerto classico 
1998 – Il nuovo concerto 
1999 – Ancora in volo 
1999 – Volare – My favorite italian songs 
2001 – Canto al sole 
2002 – Carrisi canta Caruso 
2003 – I grandi successi di Al Bano 
2004 – La mia Italia 
2004 – Buon Natale – An italian Christmas with Al Bano Carrisi 
2005 – Le radici del cielo 
2006 –  Il mio Sanremo
2007 – Cercami nel cuore della gente 
2008 – Con la musica nel cuore –
2009 – Dialogo 
2009 – L’amore è sempre amore 
2010 – Il più bel regalo di Natale 
2011 – The Best of 
2011 – Amanda è libera 
2012 – Fratelli d’Italia 
2013 – Canta Sanremo 
2014 – I capolavori di papà Al Bano 
2015 – Vite coraggiose 
2016 – Cantiamo il Natale 
2017 – Di rose e di spine