Alice Merton

Alice Merton

This is Biography Alice Merton born 13 September 1993 is a German-Canadian-English singer and songwriter. Merton achieved mainstream success with her debut single, “No Roots”.Merton was born on 13 September 1993 in Frankfurt.

Germany to a German mother and a British father. Merton’s family moved frequently due to her father’s job as a mining consultant.When she was three months old, Merton moved to Connecticut. Shortly thereafter, they relocated to Oakville, Ontario, Canada where she was raised until the age of thirteen, learning classical piano and singing.Her family then relocated to Munich.

Merton’s return to Germany prompted her to learn German which enabled her to speak with her German grandmother whom she had only seen once annually growing up.While in Germany, Merton wrote her first song and attended a German-language high school before graduating and moving to England.

Merton moved frequently in her early life, living in Oakville, Ontario, Connecticut, New York, Munich, Bournemouth, London, and Berlin, among other cities. Through her upbringing, Merton has stated she has felt connected to Canada, England, Germany, and France where her mother lived.In 2013, she started her studies at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in composition and song writing, and met the members of her future band.

Merton first drew major attention in 2015as a songwriter and singer on Fahrenhaidt’ s album The Book of Nature.On 14 November 2016 while in Hamburg she won the annual award for the promotion of talented newcomers in the category Acoustic Pop.After moving to Berlin, Alice and her manager Paul Grauwinkel founded the record label Paper Plane Records International, and released the song “No Roots” at the end of 2016.

The song’s lyrics were inspired by her feeling of “There’s no one place where my home is. On both Hype Machine and Spotify’s Global Viral 50 charts the song reached number one, and was soon included on the “Hit Play” lists of several radio stations. The song was also featured on episode 5×09 of the NBC TV series, The Blacklist.

On the basis of this success, Merton officially released her first EP, No Roots, on 3 February 2017. No Roots reached number one on the French charts, number two on the German charts, number three in Austria, number 25 in Switzerland and number one in US alternative radio charts. Vodafone Germany even included the song in one of its commercials.

Alice signed with Mom + Pop Music in August 2017 for marketing within the United States, and on 2 August 2017, she released her second single Hit the Ground Running with her new record label.

She performed at the Life Ball in Vienna on 10 June 2017 and ended the year touring throughout Germany, appearing as opening act for Bosse and Philipp Poisel, among others. In late 2017 she won the 2018 European Border Breakers Award. On 7 September 2018, Merton released “Why So Serious”, the lead single from her debut album, Mint. She released two other singles since then. The album was released on 18 January 2019.

The second official single is Funny Business and was released 30 November. The video for the single was premiered on 9 January. Also, this day she released her brand new song from album “Homesick”.On 1 February 2019,

Merton released the first part of the Making of Mint documentary and announced an April 2019 USA concert tour. Merton currently resides in Berlin and England.


2019 – Mint

2017 – No Roots


2016 – No Roots

2017 – Hit the Ground Running

2018 – Lash Out

2018 – Why So Serious

2018 – Funny Business

2019 – Learn to Live

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