Anastacia Lyn Newkirk was born in Chicago on November 17, 1968, she is a daughter of art: her father Robert is a singer, while her mother Diane is an actress on Broadway. After her father, suffering from bipolar disorder, abandoned his family, Anastacia moved with her mother to New York, where she attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan.

When Anastacia is 13 years old she is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which gives her a surgical operation on the intestine and leaves a scar on her abdomen. Despite her health problems, Anastacia works as an aerobics teacher, then as a hairdresser and a cashier. In 1983 she was among the dancers of the 1018, a trendy New York club, while a few years later she appeared in some video clips of the group Salt-n-Pepa.It’s 2003 when the news of Anastacia’s breast cancer came out. The cantate suspended her world tour but managed to record Love is a Crime, the soundtrack to the film Chicago. Despite several sessions of radiotherapy Anastacia is operated urgently because the tumor has not decreased, so follow other cycles of radiotherapy.It was during this period that the singer founded The Anastacia Fund, aimed at helping women to prevent and combat breast cancer. Exactly 10 years later she discovered that she had cancer again, this time in her right breast. After a few operations and a double mastectomy, Anastacia is absent from the music scene for many months. Her generosity and solidarity with women suffering from cancer are rewarded with the Humanitarian Award.For 7 years, from 1994 to 2001, the singer, nicknamed “The little lady with the big voice”, attended the actor Shawn Woods. In 2003 Anastacia had a relationship with the model and actor Charles Ingram.The following year it is the turn of the famous MTV VJ, Patrice Bouédibela, but their liaison has a short life. In 2007, Anastacia and her bodyguard, Wayne Newton, fly at the wedding, leaving everyone speechless, including Wayne’s partner. After three years, the divorce is announced, officially due to incompatibility of character.Her career as a singer began with her choral work for Tiffany in 1990. Only a year later Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw asked her to sing at their wedding, while Arnold Schwarzenegger chose her to sing at her birthday.She became famous in 1998 when she ranked second in The Cut, an MTV program for young emerging talents. In 2000 she released her first album, Not that Kind, which includes I’m Outta Love, a track that took second place on the Billboard Hot Dance. His second album, released in 2001, is called Freak of Nature, inspired by his nickname as a teenager.In these years she was invited to duet with great artists such as Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Elton John and Jamiroquai. Her 2003 album Anastacia earned her $6 million in the first nine months and her songs were the most downloaded in the first week of iTunes Store activity. Anastacia discovers that she has several health problems, such as breast cancer and, later, a supraventricular tachycardia. Despite this, he finds the strength to release the albums Heavy Rotation, It’s a Man’s World, Resurrection and Evolution. His songs are an example of soul style, mixed with gospel, funk and seventies dance music.


Not That Kind (2000)

Freak of Nature (2001)

Anastacia (2004)

Heavy Rotation (2008)

It’s a Man’s World (2012)

Resurrection (2014)

Evolution (2017)

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