Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox born on December 25, 1954, in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, Annie Lennox approached music as a child, learning to play the piano and flute. She was awarded a scholarship from London’s Royal Academy of Music: she began to attend courses but dropped out before graduating.
In the following years, in London and the surrounding area, she undertakes many different activities and sings in nightclubs at night.
In the late 70s, through a friend Annie Lennox, he met a guitarist: Dave Stewart. He asked Annie to join him and the composer Peet Coombes to start a new band, the Tourists. The band recorded three albums with Annie between 1979 and 1980, reaching the fourth position on the English chart.
Shortly afterward the artistic collaboration between Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart turns into a sentimental relationship. Also due to tensions with other members of the band, in 1980 Annie and Dave founded a new group: Eurythmics. In the early ’80s Eurythmics’ sought-after sound became one of New Wave’s most popular, collecting many hits in the top ten all over the world: among the others, “Sweet dreams (are made of this)” – which will be taken up with great success in the ’90s by the controversial Marilyn Manson -, “Love is a stranger”, “Who’s that girl” and “Here comes the rain again” are some of the most successful songs. After 1988 the group began a downward phase, culminating with the failure of the work “We too are one” (1990). Afterward, Annie Lennox recorded the single “Put a little love in your heart” with Al Green, soul star, with excellent artistic and sales results. After receiving the fourth “Brit Award” as a best female British artist, she decides to take a break and gives birth to Lola. The Eurythmics released their “Greatest Hits” in 1991 and without breaking up. Officially, they disappear from the scene. Annie Lennox decides to focus on her solo career making two successful albums (especially in Great Britain), the first of which is “Diva” (1992). After her second daughter, in 1995 “Medusa” is released, a second solo work. In 1996 a limited edition “Live in Central Park” was released, testifying the excellent skills of the singer and prelude to her return to the top of the world charts. In 1999, the album “Peace” is released, which concretizes the longed-for recomposition of Eurythmics. The singles “I saved the world today” and “17 Again” bring the duo back in vogue, but after briefly sending fans into a frenzy, Annie Lennox returns to devote herself to her family, siphoning off her public appearances. In 2002 Annie Lennox focused on a new solo project: first, she performed at the June concert for Queen Elizabeth II’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee, then at the end of the year “Billboard” awarded her the Century Award. On June 10, 2003, the new album “Bare” is released, an elegant album with usual pungent and never banal lyrics and a very modern sound. The next album is “Songs of Mass Destruction”, released in 2007. In 2009 the collection “The Annie Lennox Collection” is released, to present this new production but above all to promote her social activity which is very committed to the fight against the spread of HIV, she is guest during the final evening of the festival si Sanremo 2009. In 2010 she signed a new record contract with Island records with which she made a record of classic Christmas songs; the record has the title “A Christmas Cornucopia”, was released in November 2010, and also contains the unpublished “Universal Child”.


1981 – In the Garden

1983 – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

1983 – Touch

1984 – 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother)

1985 – Be Yourself Tonight

1986 – Revenge

1987 – Savage

1989 – We Too Are One

1999 – Peace

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