Tim Bergling, aka Avicii (Stockholm, 8 September 1989) (Died day 20 April 2018).Was a Swedish disc jockey. He was a Swedish DJ, remixer and producer. His first name is Tim Bergling, but he uses the pseudonyms of Avicii, Tim Berg, and Tom Hangs. He himself said he was influenced by artists such as Laidback Luke, Steve Angello, and Daft Punk.in 2010, Tiësto identified Avicii as the Best Promising DJ / Producer of the Year.in 2011 he created a new Alter Ego: Tom Hangs, signing a record with the singing brothers Shermanology: “Blessed”. Avicii is 6th in the Top 100 released by DJ Mag at only 22 years old, this is his second appearance in the most followed DJ chart in the world, in fact already in 2010 he was placed in 39th position thanks to the single “Bromance”. In September Leona Lewis Collide’s single was accused of plagiarizing Avicii’s song “Penguin” and the singer’s record company, with the intensification of controversy, had to add it to the credits of the song and as Featured Artist. In October, David Guetta’s album Nothing but the Beat was released, which among its tracks contains “Sunshine”, a collaboration with Avicii. In November the new single “Levels” was released, already very much programmed by radios all over Europe, and immediately jumped to the top of the charts of the best-selling tracks on the electronic music website Beatport.com and debuted at the tenth position of the Italian chart and at the sixty-sixth of the Billboard Hot 100. At the end of November, he invited with a video on YouTube all his fans to create the original video for the single “Levels”.


2009 – Muja

2010 – Seek Bromance 

2010 – My Feelings for You 

2010 – Tweet It – come, Tim Berg,

2011 – Street Dancer

2011 – Fade into Darkness

2011 – Levels

2011 – Blessed 

2012 – Silhouettes

2012 – Superlove

2012 – Last Dance

2012 – I Could Be The One

2013 – X You

2013 – Wake Me Up

2013 – You Make Me

2013 – True

2013 – Hey Brother

2014 – Addicted to You

2014 –True (Avicii by Avicii)

2014 – Lay Me Down

2014 – The Days

2014 – The Nights

2014 – The Days / Nights

2015 – Feeling Good

2015 – Pure Grinding / For a Better Day

2015 – Waiting for Love

2015 – For A Better Day

2015 – Pure Grinding

2015 – Broken Arrows 

2015 – Stories

2016 – Taste The Feeling 

2017 – What Would I Change It To 

2017 – Friend Of Mine 

2017 – Without You 

2017 – AVĪCI (01)

2017 – Lonely Together 

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