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Bad Bunny

This is Biography Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on March 10, 1994, and is recognized as a creative and versatile artist. He is the author of most of the songs and tracks of his songs.His stage name “Bad Bunny” ,his beginnings in music were when he himself started performing his songs in FL Studio.He also composed the lyrics of the songs and then published them on various digital platforms, so that little by little he generated expectation and gained great receptivity in listeners. One of his first released songs was “Diles”, released in mid-2016 ,that same year, he started to join the Hear This Music company of Dj Luian and Mambo Kings; who realized the success Bad Bunny was having, recognized his talent and offered him to sign to join the company. Already with his new music company, he released the remix of the single “Diles” where he had the collaboration of Сengo Flow, Ozuna, Arcбngel Y Farruko, which reached millions of views on YouTube.Although Bad Bunny had little time in the music scene, he managed to reach the top of Billboard’s Latin list with his new song “Tu no vive asн” with Arcбngel. He also broke YouTube records with that video, surpassing 11 million views in just two weeks. Since then, Arcбngel decided to give support to the young singer.On November 16, 2016, Bad Bunny was part of the song “Un Polvo” by Maluma, along with great exponents such as Сengo Flow, De La Ghetto and Arcбngel, at that time he was also part of songs such as “Pa’ Que le dй” by Brray and “Explнcame” by Mat Lanez. On December 30 of the same year, he released the single “Soy peor” In addition, an official video clip through his channel on YouTube,on March 3, 2017, he premiered the video clip of the song “Si Tu novio te Deja sola” by Colombian singer J Balvin, where Bad Bunny collaborated and which was a hit on all platforms, reaching more than 100 million copies on YouTube in less than a month. On March 18 of the same year, he was part of the closing of the second edition of the We The Future Festival at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, where he had an excellent presentation, performing songs such as “Soy Peor”, “You do not live like that” among others. After a few days, he announced that he would launch “Bad Bunny Madness” a computer game.On July 1, 2017 he released the song “Tъ no metes Cabra” with the label of Hear This Music and the address of Fernando Lugo. Subsequently, on July 13 the singer, Becky G released the single “Mayores” which had the collaboration of Bad Bunny. On August 10 of the same year, the Venezuelan singer Nacho released the video clip of the single “Bбilame” (Remix) where Bad Bunny and Yandel participated. With these participations, the singer was already beginning to position himself as one of the great exponents of the urban genre.On September 27, the song “Vuelve” was released, where Bad Bunny collaborated with the singer Daddy Yankee. Also, in the same month he released the song “Mi Puerto Rico” as a tribute to his native land.By November 2, 2017, the singer released the song “Sensualidad” which had the collaboration of Prince Royce and J Balvin; In addition, the subject was accompanied by a video clip, which trended on YouTube.


Diles: 2016.

Caile (feat. Zion & De La Ghetto): 2016.

Crazy But Millionaire: 2017.

Do not Go Goat: 2017.

I’m Raining 2.0: 2017.

I’m raining 3.0: 2017.

I’m raining 3.5: 2017.

Pa ‘Que Le Dй (Featuring Brray): 2016.

It rains 2017.

I’m Worse: 2017 (Ft J Balvin, Ozuna and Arcбngel).

It Kills Me: 2017.

Blockia: 2017.

Pa Ti (Explicit): 2017

Growth: 2017

With you.

Give it up: 2017 (Along with Messiah, Jhoni The Voice, Tory Lanez and DJ Yonny.

El Chalet: 2017 (Together with Pusho, Jory Boy, Alexio, Sou, Almighty).

Dimelo: 2017

Sensualidad: 2017 (Together with Prince Royce and J Balvin).

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