Freddie Mercury, the legendary singer of Queen (real name Farrokh Bulsara), was born on September 5, 1946 in the exotic island of Zanzibar, currently owned by Tanzania. The son of an English politician who was always on a business trip, Freddie found himself completing his elementary studies in Bombay, India, before completing them in England, the family’s homeland. The highly international training will allow the sensitive future singer to build a wealth of experience not indifferent. Initially, among other things, Mercury’s destiny did not seem to be music at all, since he had enrolled at the Ealing Art Institute, graduating in art and design. With these he began to develop his artistic and scenic skills. But it is the meeting with Brian May and Roger Taylor that changes his life. The three founded that group now universally known by the very glamorous name of “Queen”, suggested by Freddie Mercury himself, who took advantage of it and changed his name.Bulsara sounds very bad and then chooses, always with attention to his theatrical vein, “Mercury” in homage to the mythological messenger of the gods. On stage, as in life after all, Mercury proves to be an extraordinary performer full of dramatic gestures, a real stage animal. In short, he was one of the few performers who could really illuminate a stadium with his presence alone and capture the attention of thousands of spectators with a single gesture. All the Queen’s concerts (in all the twentieth anniversary of their career there will be 707) were absolutely spectacular and unforgettable, thanks to Freddie Mercury’s scenic skills. The singer, then, always proves very brave in living his identity, declaring several times without embarrassment his homosexuality. he falls ill with AIDS (perhaps contracted in 1986) disease that leads to his premature death on 24 November 1991 for pneumonia. a few months later, Brian May and Roger Taylor, organize a great concert “Freddie Mercury Tribute” in which artists from all over the world participate. In 2018, the musical and biographical film “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released at the cinema. It tells the story of the life of the Queen and, above all, of the legend of Freddie Mercury, from the formation of the band to the participation in the Live Aid concert on July 13, 1985.


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