Brian Johnson

This is biography Brian Johnson was born on 5 October 1947 in Newcastle, he began his singing career with Geordie, a rock band from his city, for then move definitively to AC / DC in 1980.

Although it was not an easy task to replace the previous entry ( Bon Scott ), it is indisputable that with Brian Johnson the group immediately found an understanding that led to success Angus Young and companions.

In the spring of 2016, Brian Johnson, suffering from severe hearing problems, left the band: to replace him is Axl Rose (Guns N ‘Roses).


Con I Geordie
1973 – Hope You Like It
1974 – Don’t Be Fooled by the Name
1974 – Geordie – Masters of Rock
1976 – Save the World
1978 – No Good Woman
1980 – Geordie featuring Brian Johnson (Brian Johnson & Geordie)
1989 – Keep on Rocking (remix album)
2005 – Unreleased Tapes

With AC/DC

1980 – Back in Black
1981 – For Those About to Rock We Salute You
1983 – Flick of the Switch
1985 – Fly on the Wall
1988 – Blow Up Your Video

1990 – The Razors Edge
1995 – Ballbreaker
2000 – Stiff Upper Lip
2008 – Black Ice
2014 – Rock or Bust

Live Albums
1992 – Live
2012 – Live at River Plate

1986 – Who Made Who
2010 – Iron Man 2

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