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Céline Dion

This is the biography Celine Dion How many records will the singer have sold so far exploded all over the world thanks to the soundtrack of “Titanic “? Its producers will certainly know it by heart, we will let just reported that it is a figure with a good number of zeros. And who would have thought that that little girl, who sang at the wedding at the age of five of his brother Michel, amazing everyone for his intonation would have become a hen from golden eggs?

The happy uvula in which every note that lands there is transformed into shovelfuls of money? Someone will have predicted it, you can bet, but not even his parents (all between the other very inclined for music) for what dreamers, they hoped so much at the time of enrolling the child in the canonical singing lessons.

However, they did all they could to “cultivate” their jewel. They owned in fact place, “The old barrel” where every evening a member of the family performed, between precisely timid Celine. The youngest of fourteen children, Celine Marie Claudette Dion was born on March 30, 1968, in Charlemagne, a small town near Montréal in Quebec.

Celine Dion’s true singing adventure began in 1981 when she recorded “Ce n’étaitqu’un rêve “(” It was only a dream and sent it to René Angélil, talent scout, former manager of Ginette Reno (famous singer from Quèbec), well known in the world musical. As soon as René hears that sweet melody and that thin voice remains immediately enchanted; he decides to summon that angel to his study.

It is the springboard of launching an amazing career. The deus ex machina of all this is always the volcanic René. First, it makes it appear in a popular TV show, then the next day has the 45 distributed in all store slaps of “Ce n’était Qu’ un rêve”.Result: a blockbuster.

Another good move is to ask Eddy Marnay to write more songs fora Christmas album. To do this you need funds and no one is willing to invest ina twelve years old. René who wanted at all costs to get this prodigy out of the way mortgage your home. On November 9th 1981 Celine’s first album is released: “La Voix Du Bon Dieu” composed by nine songs written by Eddy Marnay.

Three weeks later the infamous Christmas album comes out: “Celine Dion Chante Noel”. And its commercial success immediately. In the autumn of 1982, the third album was released: “Tellement j’ai d’amour” composed of nine songs. “Tellement j’ai d’Amour” is chosen to represent France at 13thYamaha International Festival in Tokyo.

Celine Dion outshines everyone by winning the gold medal and a special award from the orchestra. In 1983 Celine represented Canada at the RTL Super Gala triumphing with “D’amour oud’amitié “.In France “Du Soleil au Coeur” is released which is a collection of his Canadian albums. With”D’amour ou d’amitiè” is the first Canadian artist to win gold in France thanks to over 700,000 copies sold.

In 1983 the second Christmas album “Chants et Contes de Noel” and the fourth album were released”Le champs de ma Maison”, while the now-famous singer collects gold records a full hands (plus four Felix Awards). The final touch came the following year when she was chosen to represent youth Canadian for the visit of Pope Karol Wojtyla to the Olympic Stadium in Montréal.

Here he sings in front of an ecstatic and imposing crowd “Une Colombe”.In the meantime, the second album is still released in France: “Les Oiseaux du bonheur” containing seven of his greatest hits and three unreleased. And to think that Celine was only sixteen at the time! Even then he could afford to do release a “best of”, called for the occasion “Les plus Grands Succes de Celine Dion” part of the proceeds will go to the association for the fight against cystic fibrosis, a disease that hit his niece Karine).

The time is now ripe for an international leap. His managers study the transition from TBS to CBS (future Sony Music), a change of label that, as it is easy to guess, will prove to be very important, especially from the point of view of the distribution. Between one success and another, between a tour and television participation, the stainlessRené first divorces and then finally impel Celine.

It is an opportunity to set off together on a long European tour, the pick to go get to know Celine Dion to the rest of the world. On her return to Quebec, 4 more Felix Awards and a contract await her millionaire with Chrysler Motors to advertise their cars. René’s projects are other and far more ambitious: to conquer the USA.

They move to Los Angeles and entrusts the composition of the new album, the first in English, to real masters: David Foster, Christofer Neil and Andy Goldman.

Meanwhile, Celine goes to the new edition of Eurovision to deliver the prize to the first classified song: on that occasion, Celine will sing a song from the new album: “Have a heart”.Finally, on April 2, 1990, the long-awaited English-speaking album comes out at the Metropolis of Montreal: it’s called “Unison”, a record consisting of ten songs completely in English.

The album immediately won the first places inRanking.Thanks to the song “Where does my heart beat now” Celine can participate in the premiere American broadcast: the Tonight Show. In the same year, a controversy broke out when Celine refuses a Felix Award for Best British Singer (refuses the awards a French singer who sings in English). What really demoralizes Celine is the episode where she loses her voice during a concert.

Everyone fears the worst but, after one visit and three weeks of absolute silence, he slowly starts his activity again. Since then Celine has followed very hard rules to ensure that the event does not happen again: daily relaxation and warming of the vocal cords, no smoking, and above all absolute silence on rest days.

Efforts satisfied by duets with Barbra Streisand (“Tell Him”), or with the omnipresentLuciano Pavarotti (“I hate you then I love you “) or with the Bee Gees (” Immortality “). All collaborations that appear in perhaps his most important album, the one that sees the presence of “My heart will go on “, the soundtrack song of the blockbuster” Titanic “that will win the American Music Award, the Golden Globe and the Oscar.

A dream success that led Celine to crown her love story with Renéwith a second symbolic wedding, celebrated in Las Vegas this time with a Syro-Orthodox church and in a chapel transformed into a mosque. Tents were set up in the garden barber with a setting inspired by “The Thousand and One Nights”, complete with exotic birds, camels, oriental dancers and dancers and sophisticated clothes.

After many attempts, the expected child arrives, obtained through in vitro fertilization. René-Charles was born on January 25, 2001. The baby has baptized in Notre Dame basilica in Montreal with a Catholic-Melkite rite (which in addition to baptism also provides for confirmation) and with a ceremony worthy of a little prince, the prince of the Queen of International Pop.

In November 2007 he received the prestigious from the hands of Prince Albert of Monaco”Legend Awards” award. After four years of silence, the album “Taking Chances” (2007) and a DVD of one are released show held in Las Vegas. A world tour (2008) will follow the album.

The work next is from 2013 and is called “Loved Me Back to Life”. At the beginning of 2016, it remains window: husband René Angélil dies; it is the singer herself who gives the news via Twitter with a message: he left this morning at his home in Las Vegas after a long courageous battle against cancer.


Album in French
1981 – La voix du Bon Dieu
1981 – Céline Dion chante Noël
1982 – Tellement j’ai d’amour…
1983 – Les chemins de ma maison
1983 – Chants et contes de Noël
1984 – Mélanie
1984 – Les oiseaux du bonheur
1985 – C’est pour toi
1987 – Incognito
1991 – Dion chante Plamondon
1995 – D’eux
1998 – S’il suffisait d’aimer
2003 – 1 fille & 4 types
2007 – D’elles
2012 – Sans attendre
2016 – Encore un soir

Album in the English language
1990 – Unison
1992 – Céline Dion
1993 – The Colour of My Love
1996 – Falling into You
1997 – Let’s Talk About Love
1998 – These Are Special Times
2002 – A New Day Has Come
2003 – One Heart
2004 – Miracle
2007 – Taking Chances
2013 – Loved Me Back to Life
2019 – Courage

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