David Soul

David Soul

Biography David Soul born into a family of Norwegian descent, spent his childhood traveling extensively between Europe and America following his father, a Lutheran pastor engaged in post-World War II humanitarian missions in Germany. He began his artistic career in 1967 when, during a television appearance, he performed a song wearing a ski mask. At the end of the performance he explained, “My name is David Soul, and I want to be known for my music. “In his Private Life David Soul married five times and had six children: five boys and one girl, China Soul. His five wives were Mirriam Solberg (1964-1965), Karen Carlson (1968-1977), Patti Carmel Sherman (1980-1986), Julia Nickson-Soul (1987-1993) and Helen Snell (since 2010). He obtained British citizenship in 2020.

David Soul together with fellow actor Paul Michael Glaser at the time they were filming the series Starsky & Hutch.

He later became appreciated by the general public as an actor in a number of TV shows, including Star Trek. In 1973 he starred in the film A 44 Magnum for Inspector Callaghan, opposite Clint Eastwood. The greatest notoriety came in 1975, however, with the role of Detective Hutchinson in Starsky & Hutch. During the 1970s, Soul also established himself as a singer, twice reaching number one in the British and American charts with the singles Don’t Give Up On Us and Silver Lady. In 1979 he played the role of Ben Mears in the television miniseries The Last Days of Salem.

In the 1980s he frequented the stage less assiduously, limiting himself to appearing as a guest on television programs and playing minor roles in a few films. During the same years he had problems with alcoholism, which he overcame after extensive therapy. In January 1988 he appeared in the Italian television drama Il segreto del Sahara, playing the role of the ruthless Ryker, leader of an armed group of deserters from the Foreign Legion. In the early 1990s he moved to London, where he relaunched his acting career in West End theaters.

He became a British citizen in September 2004, but decided to keep his American citizenship as well. He has also acted in a number of musicals, including A Chorus Line and Mack and Mabel, with Janie Dee. In 2004 he appeared with Paul Michael Glaser in the film Starsky & Hutch, in which the two made a cameo in the final part of the film. In 2012 he appeared in an episode of the British series Lewis and played the role of Paul Yelland, a murder victim. In 2014 he appears in a British National Express commercial singing Silver Lady while driving a bus.
In March 2020 he released the album Gold which contains 44 tracks divided into 3 CDs curated by David Soul himself. The album contains his top hit songs including Don’t Give Up On Us, Silver Lady, Going In With My Eyes Open and It sure brings the love in your eyes. In October of that year, he wrote and directed a short documentary, titled America, which depicts American history from 1619 to the present day.

The documentary is based on a song of the same name he recorded forty years earlier. In April 2021, he is starring in a play entitled The Passion & Poetry Of Pablo Neruda, fifty years after the Chilean poet was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. The show is preceded by some readings, posted on his You Tube channel, of poems from various collections by Pablo Neruda.He died in London on January 4, 2024, at the age of 80: he had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for some years (in 2017, during a convention with Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas, he showed up in a wheelchair pushed by Glaser himself).

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