This is Biography Dimash was born from Kanat Kunaibergen Aitbayev (father) and Svetlana Aitbayeva (mother); both are successful singers and have received the title of Honored Music Artists from the government of Kazakhstan.

He studied both classical and contemporary music at university; endowed with an absolute ear, he is distinguished by his precision in note attack, flexibility in dynamics, and his musical register which extends six octaves and five semitones, from A1 to D8.

Although he was offered a position at the Astana Opera he preferred a career in the contemporary music scene, incorporating elements of classical music, traditional Kazakh, and pop music.

He gained notoriety in Kazakhstan and the former Soviet countries in 2015 after winning the Slavianski Bazaar competition in Vitebsk, Belarus. He became popular in China after participating in the program The Best Singer 2017 on the Hunan channel.

He has also gained considerable popularity internationally because of his singing skills that have amazed singing masters and the general public, so much so that some call him an alien, the best singer in the world, and the most beautiful voice ever.

During a live performance in 2017, he managed to sing a king in the eighth octave just below the world record, which according to the Guinness Book of Records belongs to the Chinese Wang Xiaolong who managed to play an E in the eighth octave during a television broadcast. His debut iD record announced on 13 June 2019 on his official Instagram profile, became platinum in just 37 seconds.


2019 – iD
2016 – Dimash Kudaibergen
2012 – Körkemim
2015 – Umıtılmas kün
2015 – Aqqwım
2017 – Maxabbat ber mağan
2017 – Ná bù zǒu de jìyì
2017 – Go Go Power Rangers
2017 – Shíguāng·cānghǎi
2017 – Jīngjí wángguàn
2018 – Chóngqǐ àiqíng
2018 – Screaming
2018 – Rènào xīngqiú
2018 – Yǒnghéng de yìyì
2018 – Lyubov’ ustavshikh lebedey
2019 – Zhànzhēng yǔ hépíng
2019 – Znay
2019 – Lay Down
2019 – Olimpico (Ogni pietra)
2019 – Couldn’t Leave
2019 – Yǒu nǐ
2020 – Hāi pí yīxià
2020 – Across Endless Dimensions
2020 – We Are One

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