Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen in art Dimash Kudaibergen was born in Aktobe (Kazakhstan) on May 24, 1994. Raised in a very close musical family, his grandparents who lived with him together with his parents played an important role in his education by following him under Kazakh tradition. Growing up in this way, Dimash was fascinated by music from an early age, and his parents noticed that he had an absolute tone. Kanatuly’s mother and father performed concerts while his grandparents accompanied the boy for the vision. His mother later taught him and reminded him that, he always had to thank the audience and bow down. His first appearance on stage as a performer was at the age of two in a local theater. At the age of five, he began taking piano and singing lessons at the children’s studio at Akubo Zhubanov Music College (where he would later attend college), accompanied by his grandmother Miua. Kudaibergen sang for the first time on stage the same year and expressed gratitude to his first teachers and also to his grandmother, who took him to class every day despite the pain in his legs. At the age of six, in 2000, he won the Aynalayin national piano competition. At the age of ten he was a guest at various local events. At school his teachers noticed that he was self-taught, and that he had studied the great works of Kazakh poets and writers, turning their verses into songs and singing them. Dimash’s mother recalled that he trained hard to have a wide vocal range and never missed classes in the vocal studio even when he was injured, which he attributed to his ability to hold his breath for long periods of time thanks to swimming lessons. From 2010 to 2013, Dimash participated in numerous singing competitions, winning four major competitions in Kazakhstan. In 2013 he was a guest singer at the Türkçevizyon gala evening in Denizli, Turkey, where he composed the music for two future successful songs such as Körkemim, Unforgettable Day (based on a poem by (Oral Baisengir) and Daididau.Later he sang historical songs such as Adagio by (Lara Fabian), All By Myself (by Celine Dion) and Confess (by Adriano Celentano) followed by the Diva Dance song from the movie ‘The Fifth Element’, so he advanced to the final. In the final Dimash and the Chinese singer-songwriter Laure Shang presented a tribute in memory of Micheal Jackson. On the contrary, quite the opposite. The success of I Am in Singer brought him to the heights imaginable. At the Gakku Festival concert, thanks to his song Unforgettable Day, he managed to overcome Mariah Carey’s whistle notes to D8. Then he composes his first single titled Screaming which reaches over 1 million views on the youtube platform, making it in two different versions from studio recording and live singing. The talent show will be attended by 36 people, who will be judged by a professional jury of 3 people: Liao Changeng, Shang Weny and Liu Xianhua. The task of the jury is to select the 6 singers who will then be invited to the world tour and will also be able to record a record. On January 12, Kanatuly will be a guest on the international weekend of the ‘One Way Trail’ of fashion, while on January 18, in Beijing, he will participate in the Spring Festival, which is combined with the celebration of Chinese New Year. And he will have other extraordinary events afterwards. This is just the beginning of his way for a singer who is only 24 years old.


2019 – ID