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Freddie Mercury, pseudonym of Farrokh Bulsara, was a British singer-songwriter, musician and composer of pars origin born in Zanzibar on 5 September 1946, entered history under the name Freddie Mercury, is one of the icons of music. The singer with Queen wrote the story to the sound of universally known and appreciated hits. But let’s discover some curiosities about Freddie Mercury’s private life and biography before becoming the Queen’s leader. Born in Zanzibar, Freddie was almost forgotten from his hometown. There’s nothing on the island to remember the singer, idolized by every music lover. His home has turned into a small shop. The reason for this oblivion is to be found in the homosexuality of the Queen’s leader. In Zanzibar the first religion is the Muslim one and it is precisely the faith that has pushed the citizens to deny the Legend. Freddie Mercury’s distinctive trait, the teeth were a real condemnation for the boy at school. His companions called him a walrus, but he always refused to undergo corrective action, convinced that the very shape of his mouth was the secret of his voice. We are talking about a singer with an extension of four octaves and an unusual movement of the vocal cords. It is therefore no surprise that he has not allowed anyone to put their hands in his mouth. Another trademark of Freddie was the microphone auction, which became a real emblem of live in Wembley, one of the concerts that made history. Few people know that the half auction is… a technical mistake. During a live performance, the microphone shaft came off the base. The unsuspecting audience reacted with an ovation. Freddie Mercury had just launched a fashion show and approached the world of music by taking piano lessons from his aunt Sheroo Khory who had hosted him in India. It seemed clear that the future of Farrokh, who had become Freddie for his English friends, would be a sporting one. And instead… And instead the move with the family in the eclectic London brought the boy to cultivate a passion for music thanks to the Western influences, to the fascinating sound of the electric guitar. He began to sing in a series of small bands until his causal encounter with the Smilies who, according to legend, had invited him to take the stage during a concert. The Smilies would break up shortly after Freddie’s arrival, but the artistic bond between the singer, guitarist, Brian May, and drummer, Roger Taylor, led them to try their luck again. A bass player was missing and above all the name of the group was missing. In a short time both the one (John Deacon) and the other would have come out. Queen. Freddie Mercury: his private life Declaredly gay, Freddie Mercury also had two important relationships with two women, Mary Austin and Barbara Valentin. In fact, there is also talk of a youthful relationship with his high school mate Gita Choksi. Just talking about Mary Austin, the Queen’s leader spoke of a unique relationship, just like that between husband and wife. The woman is undoubtedly one of the singer’s deepest loves. Freddie’s ashes were delivered to Austin after his death and, as agreed, no one knows where he kept the remains of his former partner. A secret passion of Freddie Mercury was for ties. He seems to have had more than a hundred even though he didn’t wear them because he found them uncomfortable. He was also a great stamp collector and cat lover, to whom he also dedicated several songs (as well as his first solo album). Freddie Mercury’s death As everyone knows, the cause of the singer’s death was AIDS. Freddie Mercury got sick in 1982, but he didn’t worry about it much. Freddie, however, kept the disease hidden until 1989, when he was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS after testing. From then on, the singer withdrew from his public life, although he continued to work in the studio until 1991. He then returned to England, so as to be close to his friends and relatives, until on 22 November 1991 Freddie called to his home the Queen’s manager, Jim Beach, to whom he dictated an official statement to ensure that the press spread the news of his illness. On November 24, Freddie Mercury died. The singer never denied his origins, on the contrary. Just think that by the will of the singer, the funerals were held according to the Zoroastrian rite, a religious belief particularly widespread before the progressive affirmation of Islam. 


1985 – Mr. Bad Guy
1988 – Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballé)

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