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Justin Drew Bieber was born in Stratford, Ontario (Canada), on March 1, 1994, the son of Patricia Lynn Mallette, a barely eighteen-year-old girl who sailed in rather difficult financial conditions. The father is Jeremy Jack Bieber, meanwhile married to another woman, the descendant of a German immigrant. After becoming fond of chess, football and hockey during his childhood, during puberty Bieber approaches music, learning to play guitar, piano, trumpet, and drums. In 2007, after finishing second in a local competition singing “So sick” by Ne-Yo, he decided, together with his mother, to upload videos on Youtube where he sings songs by different artists: Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown, Usher, and many others. Justin’s fortune is impersonated in Scooter Braun, who sees a video of Bieber and tracks him down in the school theatre where he is performing. Impressed by the boy’s skills, Braun convinces his mother to allow him to take him with him to the United States, to Atlanta, to record a demo. At this point, the career of the young Canadian experienced a sudden acceleration: after signing a contract with RBMG, Raymond Braun Media Group, the result of a joint venture between Braun and Usher, signed another one shortly after with Island Records. Braun officially becomes his manager, and Justin, meanwhile moved permanently to Georgia, records an EP. The debut single is called “One time”, and comes in twelfth place on the “Canadian Hot 100”. Success broke out in 2009: the track, seventeenth on the Billboard Hot 100, became a platinum record in both the United States and Canada, while it was even a gold record in New Zealand and the United States. On November 17, 2009, the album “My World” is released, the second single extracted from which is called “One less lonely girl”, a song that immediately enters the Top 15 in the U.S. and Canada. “My world”becomes platinum record in the United States, and double platinum record in the United Kingdom and Canada. Justin Bieber’s success is such that he is hosted at shows such as “Good Morning America”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “It’s on with Alexa Chung”. Not only that: the Canadian boy is even called for the 2009 Christmas ceremony at the White House, where he sings Stevie Wonder’s song “Someday at Christmas” for Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. On January 31, 2010, Bieber was called to present the Grammy Awards ceremony, while a few weeks later he recorded a re-interpretation of “We are the world” to support Haitians affected by the earthquake. In the same year the album “My world 2.0” was released, whose first single, “Baby”, obtained the Top 5 in the USA and the Top 10 in seven other countries. The album debuts directly at the first place in the Irish Album Chart, the New Zealand Album Chart and the Canadian Album Chart, while the singles “U smile” and “Never let you go” are included in the American Top 30. After being a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “Kids Choice Awards 2010” and “Saturday Night Live”, Justin Bieber embarked on “My World Tour”, leaving Connecticut. The boy becomes a web star: the video of “Baby” becomes the most-watched video ever on Youtube; in July Justin Bieber is the most sought-after person on search engines, while in September 3% of all Twitter traffic is represented by people talking about him. The singer also becomes a star of the small screen: at the MTV Video Music Awards, he proposes a medley of three songs, while his appearance in two episodes of the TV show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is also very appreciated. In October comes “My world acoustic”, an acoustic record that presents all the songs of “My world 2.0”, in acoustic key, and the unreleased “Pray”. A few months later appears in theaters “Justin Bieber: never say never”, a three-dimensional concert film directed by Jon Chu that only on the first day grossed more than twelve million dollars (in the end it will be more than thirty) and which is accompanied by the release of “Never say never: the remixes”, EP released on February 14, 2011. Shortly after, “Forbes” highlights how Bieber is the second-highest paid person under thirty years of age in the world, earning $53 million. Fame and wealth, then, mix in a year also characterized by the victory of the MTV Video Music Awards for best male video, and the release of the albums “Believe” and “Under the mistletoe”. The first single of “Believe” is called “Boyfriend”, and the video is released in March 2012. On September 13, 2018, he was civilly married in New York to the American model Hailey Baldwin. Bieber and Hailey held an official ceremony in Bluffton, South Carolina on September 30, 2019.


2010 – My World 2.0
2011 – Under the Mistletoe
2012 – Believe
2015 – Purpose
2020 – Changes

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