This is Biography Kane was a Dutch pop-rock band. In its final stage, the group consisted of the two original members, Dinand Woesthoff (lead vocals) and Dennis van Leeuwen (guitar). The band was inspired by U2, Pearl Jam, Queen, and Nirvana. Kane got its start in The Hague in 1998 when Dinand and Dennis met each other in a beach cafe where they were both working at the time.

Both had a passion for music and it did not take long before they were discovered in a small cafe where they performed for a very small audience. Their breakthrough came in the summer of 1999 with the song “Where Do I Go Now”. Their record As Long as You Want This from 1999 was on the album hit list for 1.5 years and achieved double-platinum sales. With their second album in 2001, called So Glad You Made It, the group scored several big hits.

One of the biggest hit singles was “Let It Be”.In the following years, Kane received some big awards, including TMF awards, MTV Europe music awards, and an Edison. They performed at big festivals like Parkpop and Pinkpop.

Westhoff devoted the song “Dreamer” to his wife Guusje Nederhorst, who died in 2004. This single immediately reached the number 1 chart position and became the best-selling single of 2004.

Kane tried to make a career abroad, but with only little success in Belgium and a No. 38 UK chart position for “Rain Down on Me”, it didn’t go too well. The fact that there was an American southern rock band called Kane and that the name of English piano rock band Keane resembles Kane’s didn’t help them much either.

The band’s third album, Fearless, hit No. 1 on the Dutch charts when it came out. The first two singles, “Something to Say” and “Fearless”, came in at No. 1 as well. On 13 August 2005 Kane did an open-air performance on the beach of Almere. It was attended by over 30,000 people. A few days before, the band had performed in front of 1,500 people in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

In December 2005, they ended the year with a performance in Ahoy Rotterdam. In December 2014, Kane disbanded. Kane has had a long history of changes in the band formation. Since their founding in 1998, the group has had 19 different band members, although some of those members-only played on the recording of the live album February.

At the end of 2004, bass player Dion Murdock left the band, as he wanted to play drums for the Dutch band Intwine. Murdock was replaced by Yolanda Charles, who played for Robbie Williams’s band. She only played on the album Fearless. Bassist Manuel Hugas, who played on the CD/DVD February too, later played for Kane, but only during live shows.

As Long As You Want This:2000
With Or Without You ‎:2000
So, Glad, You Made It:2001
February  2 versions:2004
De Kuip Live:2008
Everything You Want:2008
No Surrender:2009
Come Together:2012
Damn Those Eyes:1999
Where Do I Go Now ‎:1999
Can You Handle Me  :2000
I Will Keep My Head Down:2000
So, Glad, You Made It:2001
Let It Be:2001
Rain Down On Me:2002

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