This is Biography Kygo was born September 11, 1991, they brought him to fame immediately after his public appearance. But it is not only the fans of electronic music who applaud this DJ, but also the most important exponents of the genre, who have counted on the brilliant collaboration of this Norwegian. Knowing more about his musical beginnings is something not to be missed, so you should read this biography of Kygo.

The house of the couple formed by Kersti Gjerde, a Norwegian dentist, and Lars Gørvell-Dahll, a foreign worker who worked in shipping companies, was located in Bergen, one of the largest cities in Norway. This house was already the home of Mads . At the age of 6, Kyrre’s parents realised that he was interested in knowing the sounds, and more than knowing them, in creating them. For this reason, they enrolled him in piano lessons, which he perfected until the age of 16, and he attended school and then Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although he was on the verge of obtaining his business and finance-focused profession, he gave up his career to devote himself entirely to creating remixes of existing songs. That’s how he discovered he could spend his life DJing.

Seeing himself as a DJ who would be very successful in the future, Kyrre decided to change his name to one that was easier to pronounce and write in both English and Norwegian. While thinking carefully about what it would be, he remembered one that had served as a username on It’s learning, a learning platform for school. It was Kygo, consisting of the first two letters of his first name and the first two letters after his last name.
Having already planned his future, Kygo started working on his preparation as a DJ. Contrary to what happened in previous years, the teaching of this young enthusiast was thanks to YouTube, because that’s where he learned how to mix with electronic music equipment and apply techniques to perfect the remixes of his favorite songs.

In 2013, Kygo was ready to try his luck with the public, so – as expected – he turned to the Internet to promote the mixes he had made. SoundCloud was the digital platform chosen by the Norwegian to distribute his creations, and although he had submitted at least 10 songs by world-renowned artists, Ed Sheeran’s song I See Fire was the one that helped him jump to success,50 million tracks of this song naturally placed Kygo as a DJ with potential to exploit. The Norwegian knew his work was becoming increasingly accepted by the public, so he continued to create new remixes and feed his social networks with innovative content, once again shaking hands with digital platforms to make himself known.

2014 was a decisive year for Kygo, who gave his best to jump – once and for all – to success. That’s how he presented his first promotional theme, Firestone, to the public on 1 December. Thanks to the excellent remixes Kygo was doing, Avicii gave him his confidence and in the same year, 2014, gave him the opportunity to open for him at the Findings Festival held in Oslo, the DJ’s hometown. Shortly afterwards, in September, Avicii’s health began to suffer, so Kygo was chosen to replace him at TomorrowWorld.

The beginning of 2015 was also very productive for Kygo, who presented his second single entitled Stole the Show in March, which also has millions of plays and downloads on digital platforms. A month earlier, another DJ song called ID made a special appearance at the Ultra Music Festival, a major electronic music event.

A year later, on May 13, 2016, Kygo presented to the public his first studio album called Cloud Nine, whose singles had already been promoted through SoundCloud. From that moment on, Kygo’s singles collaborations were not long in coming, and we can cite Selena Gomez as one of the most important. As for the awards Kygo received, we have to say that she has 2 Spellemann Awards and a Radio Disney Music Award, as these are very important in the music world. As if that were not enough, Kygo has also created a brand that reflects her lifestyle, and it is called Kygo Life. Including clothing and technological devices, Kygo’s mixes are undeniably a masterpiece! That’s why we invite you to listen to this beautiful song.


2016 – Cloud Nine
2017 – Kids in Love
2020 – Golden Hour

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