Laura Pergolizzi, aka LP, was born in Long Island on March 18, 1981 under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Daughter of an opera singer, since she was a child she has been instilled by her mother’s passion for music, a passion strongly shared also by her father who influences the girl with rock hits. Today it has become a well-known face on the music scene: let’s discover some curiosities about her.
Album in studioNata and raised in the United States, Laura Pergolizzi has Italian origins, as you can see from the name. Her maternal grandparents, in fact, were Neapolitans while her paternal grandparents were from Palermo. Passionate about music since she was a child, she moved to New York shortly after she was a child: at that time, she decided to adopt the stage name LP.As we have seen many times in her concerts or music videos, she started to play the ukulele when she was only 15 years old and, just that little stringed instrument, she accompanied her throughout her career. Thanks to her singing skills and her internationally appreciated art, LP has collaborated with several world famous artists: we remember Rihanna for the Loud album, for which she writes the lyrics to the track Cheers, (Drink to That). For some years Laura Pergolizzi has been linked to a woman – actress Tamzin Brown – with whom she lived a tormented love story. It was for her that, after the break-up, she wrote the song Lost on you, which became a catchphrase of international fame. Since 2015, then, the singer has regained her happiness next to Lauren Ruth Ward, who took part in numerous public appearances with her, sometimes going on stage at the end of her concerts. In early 2019, the couple ended up on all the gossip magazines following news that went around the world in a short time: according to many international tabloids, in fact, LP and Laura were married in secret. Shortly after the leak, the singer denied what she said. Together with her sweetheart, LP lives in Los Angeles, but the neighborhood and specific location of her home is not known. Just like her life partner, she is a rock singer, well known and appreciated especially in the United States. We don’t have much information about her private life, before meeting Laura Pergolizzi, but we can also guess from her eccentric Instagram profile – which finally would have found happiness.on the occasion of the Battiti Live 2019 concert in Bari – her low waisted pants did not go unnoticed, ready to slip down at any moment!


2001 – Heart-Shaped Scar
2004 – Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol
2014 – Forever for Now
2016 – Lost on You
2018 – Heart to Mouth

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