Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a singer and actor born in New York (United States) on September 16, 1968, under the sign of the Virgin. He grew up in East Harlem (New York) with his father Felipe (hospital employee) and his mother Guillermina (housewife who died in 2017), both of Puerto Rican origin. He is the youngest of seven children: Michael, Victor, Edwin, Susie, Yolanda and Maribel.Since 2017 he has been engaged to Raffaella Modugno. He has five children: Arianna (1994) had by ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado, Cristian (2001) and Ryan (2003) had by ex-wife Dayanara Torres and twins Emme and Maximilian (2008) had by ex-wife Jennifer Lopez.Marc Anthony was engaged to Debbie Rosado, a policewoman who made him Ariadne’s father, born in 1994. From 1996 to 1998 he worked alongside actress Claudette Lali.On May 09, 2000 he married Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe, from whom he had his children Cristian Marcus born on February 05, 2001 and Ryan Adrian born on August 16, 2003. Marc and Dayanara separated in 2002 except to get back together and confirm their marriage vows on December 07, 2002 until their final divorce in January 2004.From June 2004 to April 2012 he was married to singer Jennifer Lopez. The twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian David were born from their marriage on 22 February 2008.From 11 November 2014 to November 2016 he was married to model Shannon De Lima.Since summer 2017 he has been engaged to Raffaella Modugno, the Italian model who is twenty years younger than him. The two, very reserved, continue their love story so much so that Laura Pausini, at the Latin Grammy Awards (2018), has also published a photo with the couple.From an early age, Marc Anthony shows that he is passionate about music and begins to study singing working as a chorister in several clubs in New York.At the age of 23, he got his first chance with a contract with Atlantic Records and released the album When the night is over, of which we remember the famous single Ride on the rhythm. It became more and more successful, so much so that Tito Puente also wanted it in his concert at Madison Square Garden in 1992.The real leap in quality, however, comes with the decision to record his pieces in Spanish and becomes one of the most famous salsa singers in the world to get a nomination at the Grammy Awards (1995). This was followed by the albums Contra la corriente (1997), Marc Anthony (1999), Libre (2001) and Mended (2002). He wrote the soundtrack for La maschera di Zorro and sang it with Tina Arena. In 2004 he returned with the album Amar sin mentiras and the song Escapemonos, together with his wife Jennifer Lopez. In 2014 he duets with Laura Pausini on the notes of Se Fue, version
Spanish of the famous Non c’è, while in 2017 he joined Maluma in Felices los 4 and in 2018 he sang Està Rico with Will Smith and Bad Bunny.Not only singer, but also actor with his debut in the world of cinema in Big Night (1996) followed by the musical The Cape man. We also find him in the cast of Hackers (1995) and Beyond Life (1999). In 2007 he starred alongside Jennifer Lopez in El Cantante.


Rebel (1988)

When the Night is Over (1991)

Otra Nota (1993)

Todo a Su Tiempo (1995)

Contra la Corriente (1997)

Marc Anthony (1999)

Libre (2001)

Mended (2002)

Amar Sin Mentiras (2004)

Valió la Pena (2004)

El Cantante (2007)

Iconos (2010)

3.0 (2013)

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