This is Biography Massari real name Sari Abboud born December 10, 1980) was born as a dreamer, a talented soul, and a thinker of desires. The 26-year-old Sagittarius, over three years old, born in Beirut, Lebanon, moved with his family to Montreal at the age of 10 to escape the unrest of the population at that time. Later, at the age of 13, he moved to Ottawa with his younger siblings Sami and Samer, unfortunately, no sister who made Sari respect the girls more and love them.

He made Ottawa his home, in 2002 he released his first song “Spitfire” which received local radio on Hot 89.9. in Ottawa and where he currently resides. Later known as Massari, an Arabic translation of the word money: “Because of my background, my music is strongly influenced by Middle Eastern melodies”. Massari is not only for fame and glory, but a representation of deeper meaning, the choice to represent a cultural background, a proud Lebanese-Canadian and as a respected man of faith and hope”.

I dream that one day when the name Massari will be a mentor, it will be a reflection of the great value that I cherish and hold dear in my life. The meaning of the name is seen not only as a growth in the monetary aspects of life but as an acquired attribute that provides wealth and opportunities to achieve and realize our goals and dreams”.

Imitating the pop, soul, and power that comes from live performances such as Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and the Arab singer George Wassouf, Massari learned very early on that music, in this life, does not discriminate, but rather unites us. Since the road less traveled is often the road to greatness, Massari was a true tester of his philosophy. With a plethora of successful singles, critically acclaimed music videos, collaborations, and awards in his repertoire, he has not forgotten the roots from which he grew up.

Now, after a few more years of life, Massari presents his new single, “In Love Again,” which celebrates his rebirth and returns to his first and only love music. Always inspired by the colorful Arabic palate with which he grew up, Massari infuses his new single with an enticing dance rhythm and a sense of lightheartedness.

In Love Again” is the honest love letter of a songwriter who has lived his fair share of life, evolving gracefully into an artist who will continue to do what he was destined to do.


2005 – Massari

2009 – Forever Massari


2005 – Smile for Me 

2005 – Be Easy

2006 – Real Love

2006 – Rush the Floor (feat. Belly)

2008 – Say You Love Me

2008 – In Love Again

2009 – Bad Girl

2009 – Body Body

2011 – Dance for Your Life

2012 – Full Circle (feat. Belly)

2013 – Shisha 

2014 – What About the Love 

2017 – So Long

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