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American heavy metal band formed in 1981 in Los Angeles around the Danes Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. They were initially joined by Lloyd Grant and Ron McGovney, soon replaced by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Cliff Burton, respectively. In 1982 Kirk Hammett took Mustaine’s place; in 1986, the death of Cliff Burton in an accident led the group to Jason Newsted, who would be replaced fifteen years later by bassist Robert Trujillo. After performing frequently on the local circuit, in 1983 the group recorded a first album in the line of Trash Metal, Kill ’em All, on the American independent label Megaforce Records. The same label released the second record of the quartet: Ride the lightning. The multinational Elektra signed them, reissued Ride the lightning and promoted them internationally. In 1985, they participated in the Monsters of Rock in Donington, Great Britain, a true Mecca for hard rock and heavy metal groups worldwide, and their next album, Master of Puppets (1986), made it to the top of the charts and gave the American band the opportunity to begin a half year tour to support Ozzy Osbourne, followed by a European solo tour. In the course of this tour, the following misfortune occurred september 1986, in Sweden, he overturned the bus they were on. Bassist Cliff Burton (born in 1962) died in the accident, while the rest of the band barely got a scratch.after recruiting a new bassist, they resumed their activity with concerts in Japan and the United States. At the end of 1988 they released the album And justice for all, which entered the top ten in their country with an excellent reception. Three years later they released Metallica, a more commercial sounding album than the previous ones. With over ten million copies, it is one of the best selling heavy metal albums in the history of the genre. In 1993 they released a compilation entitled Live, shit, binge and purge that included videos from three American June 1996 Load was released, an album that represented a sharp turn in their career, not only because of the change of image, but also because of the inclusion of soul rhythms and some other styles and the abandonment of the harshness of their previous compositions, which brought the group closer to the trends of Hard Rock and alternative rock. Reload (1997), as the title suggests, followed the line of their predecessor and included a collaboration by Mariane Faith full on the track The memory remains. Her latest albums, St. Anger (2003) and Death Magnetic (2008), also reached the top of the Billboard charts, although with less spectacular sales figures.


1983 – Kill ‘Em All
1984 – Ride the Lightning
1986 – Master of Puppets
1988 – …And Justice for All
1991 – Metallica
1996 – Load
1997 – ReLoad
2003 – St. Anger
2008 – Death Magnetic
2011 – Lulu (con Lou Reed)
2016 – Hardwired… to Self-Destruct

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