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Ricky Martin

This is Biography Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV, known all over the world as Ricky Martin, was born on December 24, 1971, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ricky begins at an early age, at six, to appear in commercials for local television.

Afterwards, he made three auditions with the Menudo boy band before earning a commercial in 1984. In five years, with Menudo, Martin toured the world and sang in several languages. At the age of eighteen (the maximum age to remain in that group built by the record companies), back to Puerto Rico, just enough time to finish high school before leaving for New York and try to break through as a solo singer.

His debut in this role was in 1988 for the label “Sony Latin Division”, followed in 1989 by a second effort entitled “Me Amaras”.He then traveled along Mexico, host of numerous musical events. The case leads him to play a role as a solo singer in a Spanish-language soap opera (1992).

The show makes it so popular that it is forced to reinterpret the role in a film version of the series. In 1993, Ricky is in Los Angeles where he makes his American debut in a NBC sitcom. It’s a good time for him, in this sense. For all of 1995, in fact, he recited a daily ABC soap opera, General Hospital, and in 1996 he took part in the Broadway production of “I miserabili”.

While he is active on the career front as an actor, he does not forget his passion for singing, continuing to make live albums and appearances in concert. Begins to be well known in his native Puerto Rico and among the Latin-Hispanic community for all his activities.

His third album is “A Medio Vivir”, released in 1997, the same year in which he gives his voice to the Spanish version of the Disney cartoon “Hercules”. His fourth album, “Vuelve”, released in 1998, includes the hit single, “La Copa de la Vida”, a song that Ricky will sing at the 1998 edition of the Football World Cup played in France and in which he part of a show that will be brought to the world.

Orami is famous all over the globe not only for the extraordinary beauty and talent in the dance, but also for his disruptive charge that is able to transmit, Ricky boasts a following of fanatical admirers a bit ‘in all age groups. Here he was then in February of ’99 performing in a hot performance of “La Copa de la Vida” at Los  Angeles’s Shrine Auditorium, where the Grammy Awards are held, shortly before being awarded as “Best Latin pop artist” for the album “Vuelve.

After the consecration of the Grammys, Ricky Martin has definitely imposed itself not only as a sex symbol but also as the representative par excellence of Latin culture and the unrestrained way of understanding life.

It is no coincidence that his next successful single, entitled  Livin La Vida Loca” (which could be translated “Live madly, madly”) is a hymn to this philosophy. Sung in English (except the refrain, you understand), the song has broken through the charts and, danced in all the discos of the world, has also reached the top position in the famous chart Billboard. Ricky Martin, on the wave of this popularity, also appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, an event that represented further accreditation as an exponent of Latin pop culture and its affirmation and diffusion in the world.

The phenomenal success also adds the nomination in four categories at the Grammy Awards of February 2000. Although then turn out losers in these categories, won by the much more “historically” established Sting and Santana, Ricky Martin was able to give another performance live highly “hot” and spectacular.In November 2000 he realized “Sound Loaded”, a big anticipation of the next album.

The related single “She Bangs,” earned Ricky another Grammy nomination as best male artist and once again sent the incredible amount of fans he is able to gather into a frenzy.After the publication of two collections in 2001, “Historia” that collects his songs in Spanish, and “The Best Of Ricky Martin” that collects songs in English, in 2002 Ricky takes a year off. Back on the scenes in 2003 with the Spanish language: publishes the album “Almas del silencio”.

In 2004 he became involved in social work and founded the “Ricky Martin Foundation”, from which the “People for Children” project was born with the aim of combating child exploitation and curbing the phenomenon of pedopornographic material trafficking.The following year he published the album “Life”. On the occasion of the XX Turin Winter Olympics 2006, at the end of February she performed in front of almost 800 million viewers during the closing ceremony.

At the end of 2006 he published “Ricky Martin – MTV Unplugged”, the first Unplugged produced by MTV Espana (the filming of the show-case dates back to the previous August 17, in Miami). In 2007 he duets with Eros Ramazzotti in the song “We are not alone”.

At the end of the same year he published cd and dvd entitled “Ricky Martin Live Black and White tour 2007”, taken from the homonymous tour.In August 2008 he became the father of two twins, Valentino and Matteo, born through the “rent of a womb”.

In 2010, with a coming out on his website, he declares his father and homosexual status happy. On 2 November 2010 he published an autobiographical book with the “Celebra” publishing house entitled “Yo” (“Me” in the translated version in English).

Ricky Martin in the years 2010His next album is titled “Music + Alma + Sexo” and comes out at the beginning of 2011.In spring 2012, he returned to acting in New York, in the famous Broadway theater in the role of Che Guevara in the new revival of the musical Evita, obtaining great success with the public and critics.

At the end of 2012, after months of rumors, it is announced that Ricky Martin will replace the New Zealand country singer Keith Urban (also famous for being Nicole Kidman’s partner) as the new judge for the second edition of the talent show “The Voice – Australia “.On April 22nd 2014 Vida, the official video of Ricky Martin’s single shot on the beaches of Brazil, comes out.

The song, anthem for the 2014 World Cup soccer, was written by Elia King and produced by Salaam Remi (known for having worked with artists such as The Fugees, Amy Winehouse and Nas) under the Sony Music label.On 28 May 2014 he is a guest in the program The Voice of Italy where he sings a Medley of all his songs and Vida with the 8 semifinalists.

From September 7th to December 14th 2014 he is coach of the talent show “La Voz … México”, flanked by Laura Pausini, Yuri and Julión Álvarez.In2015 it’s the turn of a new album: “A quien quiera escuchar”.In 2017 he returns to Italy again, host of the first evening of the Sanremo Festival 2017, during which he makes the whole audience dance.


1991 – Ricky Martin
1993 – Me amarás
1995 – A medio vivir
1998 – Vuelve
1999 – Ricky Martin
2000 – Sound Loaded
2001 – La historia
2001 – The Best of Ricky Martin
2003 – Almas del silencio
2005 – Life
2006 – MTV Unplugged
2007 – Live – Black & White Tour
2008 – 17
2011 – Música + Alma + Sexo
2015 – A quien quiera escuchar

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