Simply Red

Michael James Hucknall was born on 8 June 1960 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.f you believe in things like fate, then Mick Hucknall was destined from birth to become a great singer. Music became part of his life right away. At the age of three, Mick already sang the Beatles’ songs in front of his family, friends and kindergarten teachers, and his talent as an entertainer was evident. If anyone is willing to listen, Mick sings, at school, in the local pub, even at weddings. This desire to sing and perform, which started when he was still wearing his diaper, has never left Mick Hucknall, and this is something we should be grateful for , because without this desire to sing and entertain the public there would never have been Simply Red. The beginnings of Mick’s life are unstable, to say the least. By the age of three he had already moved in at least three times with his family and even spent a short time in his grandparents’ house. His life begins to stabilize when his mother, Maureen, leaves his life leaving the house and leaving him with his father Reg, a person that Mick now talks about as one of the most influential people in his life. He lives with his father until the age of 21 and is also raised by a number of neighbors and “aunts”, the most famous of whom is probably Aunt Nellie. Mick refers to his childhood as a happy time, and it is only when he starts the Audenshaw Grammar School at the age of 11 that the happy time turns into something else. His schoolmates make fun of him because of his red hair and give him horrible nicknames, the most offensive of which is perhaps “Period Head”. Later, he will say that they made him feel inadequate at a time in his life when every child wants to be equal to his friends. But his passion for music is still strong and so Mick surrounds himself with close friends, one of whom is Neil Moss (with whom he later formed the Frantic Elevators), and begins his musical education. He joins forces with a certain Elliot Rashman , who becomes his manager, and together they bring down the idea for a band that can succeed. That group will be called “Simply Red”.Simply Red signed a contract with Elektra UK in 1984, after an alleged “war” with record companies. The following year they released their first single, “Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)”, followed by the album “Picture Book” which includes the debut single and the song “Holding Back The Years”, a track that won first place in the charts. The following years were marked by a series of successful albums: “Men and Women” (1987), “A New Flame” (1989), “Stars” (1991), “Life” (1995), “Blue” (1998) and the new “Home” (2003), plus two Greatest Hits, one from 1996 and one from 2000 entitled “It’s Only Love”.The constant behind all this success is a single man: Mick Hucknall.


1985 – Picture Book
1987 – Men and Women
1989 – A New Flame
1991 – Stars
1995 – Life
1998 – Blue
1999 – Love and the Russian Winter
2003 – Home
2005 – Simplified
2007 – Stay
2015 – Big Love
2019 – Blue Eyed Soul

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