The Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas are an American band around the world for their good pop and hip hop. If you won a Grammy, Black Eyed Peas still have a long way to go to the top of the charts.The members of the group are:, “the protagonist”, Fergie, the only girl in the band,, the “good guy”, and finally, Taboo, the “robot”, nickname obtained because the songs are always sung by a robot.The big leap to world fame will be thanks to his first big album: Elephunk. This album included great hits like: Shut up, Hey mama (included in Garfield’s movie), and the best of all, Where is the love.then comes Monkey Busines, and with him songs like Don’t punk with my heart, Don’t lie, My humps and Pump it.the album The End filled in 2009 will have a total of one year of success for The black eyed peas. The song I gotta Feeling will be number 1 on the music lists for many years. It will be followed by famous songs like: Boom boom pow, Meet me halfway, Imma be, Rock that the body and Missing you.Currently, and after contradicting false rumors about the band’s disintegration, they released their latest album: The Beginning. This album has invented a new one: the remescles electro. Clar’s example is “The time (dirty bit)” his last big worldwide success.Jo, personally, the creator of this blog and a big fan of the band, thought that the black eyed peas were a temptation that would only follow his musical style. He criticizes the fact that the song “The Time” is a remix of the song that was popular in the movie “Dirty Dancing”. I recommend that the song is good, but he maintained my opinion.


1998 – Behind the Front

2000 – Bridging the Gap

2003 – Elephunk

2005 – Monkey Business

2009 – The E.N.D.

2010 – The Beginning

2018 – Masters of the Sun Vol. 1

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