Toy-Box is a Danish group formed in 1990. They are only two members Aneela Mirza and Amir El-Falaki. In 1999 they had great success in the Scandinavian music charts with a song from their Fantastic album: Tarzan & Jane. Toy-Box’s first album, Fantastic, includes hits The Sailor Song, Best Friend, Super-Duper-Man, Teddy-Bear and Tarzan & Jane and was released in 1999, followed in 2001 by their second album, ToyRide, which includes the favorite songs of fans Www.girl, Prince of Arabia and Wizard of Oz.The dissolution of the band have not officially announced. Anila changed her name to Aneela and began a solo career. Asked about another possible Toy-Box album, she replied: “I have no idea, anything is possible”. Toy-Box are often compared to the Scandinavian band Aqua, and have often been considered a “copy” of the Aqua. Furthermore, the voices of Amir and Anila have often been associated with those of René Dif and Lene Nystrøm Rasted.

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